Stephanie Cane Self Desire

Stephanie Cane Self Desire Just Can’t Stop!

Stephanie has a lot of personality and is always joking and clowning around, as she walked in the other room she wanted to get a little attention to her boyfriend who was sitting on the couch working on a project for work, she quickly blurted out his name and flashed her hot lil perky tits at him. Needless to say that perked a lil wood.

So, her boyfriend dropped his drawers and said lets see what you got…he sat on his couch and started to stroke to his hot babes lil strip tease. Steph is always game for a good challenge so she spread and bent over and directed him to help her christen their new place together but making her squirt in every room of their new place together.

Stephanie thought that it might be hot to break in the pool, after they fucked and sucked in every room of the house it was time for a dip, and she wanted his tip in the pool. Apparently, her man is a comedian and wanted to do a cannonball getting her all wet since she is always squirtting all over him.

Stephanie Cane Innocent High

Stephanie Cane Has The First Day Jitters!

Class, I would like you to meet our new student, Stephanie Cane. Stephanie is a really nice girl and I would appreciate it if you can show her our daily operations here in the classroom. And Stephanie, when the class lets out of class today, if you can meet with me so I can get you books and assignments. Steph replied to her new teacher “Sure” in her really soft voice.

Stephanie might look like she is innocent however she is one smart cookie and she knows exactly what needs to happen in order to get straight A’s in Mr. Semen’s classroom’ and she knows how to take direction well.

The teacher has seen girls like this before and knows how that some students learn visually so he needs to explain some anatomy home work, but it seems she Stephanie needs some direction and she comes onto the teacher. She whips off her shirt to show him her double B’s. Take a look at a ton of free Innocent High pictures.

When Mr. Semen told her that she can easily earn and A instead of a B+ she inquired on how, he said that he had to bounce his cock off that hot little ass of hers. She took a minute to think about it and decided to negotiate, she said that she will keep her grades up and earn an A once a week for some one on one tutoring. Of course, he accepted…what man would say no to that deal.

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Stephanie Cane has been retired from the adult industry for a few years but before she retired she completed a massive filmography of appearances on all the best hardcore porn sites.  One of the best is her appearance in Freaks Of Cock from the porn pros.  If you have never been to Freaks Of Cock it’s your basic pornstar exploitation site.  The concept is simple get a hot pornstar and a stud with a huge cock.  A cock so large that he is a freak. His cock is freaky.  Stephanie covered with massive cumshots. Sorry to bust your bubble but the only explanation is that it’s a fake.  And the massive loads of cum that shots out of the cock is probably also not really cum but prop semen.  It makes for some great porn and Stephanie’s appearance there is legendary.  Maybe one of these days she will come out of retirement to make  an encore on the circuit and maybe even hit up some of the new sites.

Stephanie Cane Cum Disgrace

Poor Stephanie Cane Gets Cum Disgrace!

Looks like once again Stepanie got her self into a wee bit of trouble and is surround by a whole lot of cock, but dont be too concerned because she enjoys being the cookie of this circle jerk, even if she is wearing some kind of black straight jacket. Chances are this was some kind of BDSM video…sounds pretty hot!

Open wide sweet heart cause daddy got a full load to drop off. With a full stream of cum heading her way and someone opening her mouth wide open this girl needs to seriously needs to concentrate on just swallowing, looks like they had her knotted up so this is one hot bondage flick to add to your spank bank.

Aww, One they released the gag ball, and ropes she cleaned up and wanted to pose as a special thank you to a friend who assisted and supported in this hot little flick, Looks like you might need to grab a clean towel and a bottle of lube cause tonight the sex you are having is with your hands and this video.

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This is one of the cutest pics of Stephanie Cane I have seen as of yet. Tell how can any dude resist a super cute girl holding a pair of amazing tits and wearing cute lil panties with wide open legs looking ever so inviting, this is a make out session in the making.

With cute manicured blue nails wrapped around that dude’s ginormous cock, praying that poor girl has a strong gag reflex cause Im sure she can feel that hitting the back of her skull. Hopefully she is a smart girl who knows that you have to work the shaft and keep your mouth working the tip, how many times have you had to explain that one.

That dude with the huge cock seriously have to drink a lot of damn milk to blow a load that big, glad that she had her mouth open cause there is a whole lot there to be cleaning up. I hear that cum tangles long hair and can be a real pain in the ass to work out but then again if its a protein you would think you can convince her that is a conditioner for her skin and hair.

Stephanie Cane 18 Years Old

Riding Deep Cutie Stephanie Cane!

What in the world would or could you do if this hot babe was your girl? Seems like a sweet girl with beautiful long brown hair and green eyes and chances are she purrs like a sex kitten when she is wild for her man. And you know that you cannot wait to get this girl on her knees and pull those pig tails.

Oh look what we have here, a little reverse cowgirl action is her favorite position, I bet she is praying that it is yours too! We have seen a lot of pornstar pussy and Stephanie rates up there for a cute clitoris and everyone likes to suck on, and we already know she likes to play for both teams. With your cock deep in her vag, all you need to complete this pic is her bestfriend to join the fan club.

Alright, I have to call it but as cute as Stephanie is, that doesnt look like cum on her smile but we sure wish that it would be ours dripping off her cheeks. Too bad this tight lil pussy retired cause this is one dream girl who we could have really gotten use to keeping around.

Stephanie Cane Bio

Stephanie Cane was born in Haifa, Israel  in 1986.  She was in the adult business for 3 years and has recently retired.  As started at age 21 and has amassed an amazing filmography of some of the industries best porno.  She is American Jewish.

Stephanie Cane Stats:
Birthday: November 11, 1986
Measurements: 36B-25-35
Height: 5’2
Weight:99 pounds
Official Site: None

Stephanie Cane Cum Fiesta

Two Hotties With Bodies Get a big Cum Fiesta

Stephanie maybe a bit young but the last thing she is inexperienced, trust me she can teach you a few things you have never seen before with the flick of a tongue. In this pic, she is posing for the camera with a girl friend she met at school. Stephanie likes to study hard but play harder and what I mean by play is to turn on and make squirt.

It all starts with a simple kiss and the next thing you know Stephanie has her hands inside that lil white skirt her friend is wearing. These two girls are suppose to be studying for a physics exam but a girl needs to take a break, so they decided it was best to study each others anatomy. Starting with a sweet and sensual kiss on the lips to a lick of her twat lips.

Usually Stephanie is the one who makes the moves, maybe her friend isnt so innocent after all, with her panties off to the side and her freshly shaven pussy looking ever so inviting, the girls decide to toss a nice salad before chowing down of muff moose.

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Stephanie Cane with Jackie Daniels

Stephanie and Jackie are two of the hottest naughty girls on the scene and it looks like they got in a bit of trouble with the police. When this officer knocked on the door to ask a few questions, these girls decided that maybe if they seduced the officer with a little charm and pleasure that they could get out of the lil mess they created.

Stephanie talked the officer into a little role reversal and the two girls told him they want to investigate HIS scene and take a few fingerprints for the evidence room. As the girls slid his underwear off his legs they were both quite taken who how large his billy club was, and definetly wanted to have their beaver beat with that sized cock.

The officer said he would rip up his report only if these girls would join in the fun together so as Jackie rode him like a sherrif on bareback, Stephanie smothered his face with her hot pink lil pussy.